My Story

In 2012, my 23 year marriage ended and I started the journey of rebuilding my life and rediscovering who I was and wanted to be. What was my inspiration?

I spent over a year pretty lost and floundering and then started asking for guidance … “show me what I am supposed to do”. I would ask this everyday and slowly the path unfolded.

I took up cycling, I began buying investment properties - small rental houses along the Swamp Rabbit Trail where I rode my bike.

Then one day, I drove past a house in a run down section of downtown Greenville’s Historic West End - 1 Logan Street. It was larger than any of the properties I had been buying. I circled it for nine months. One day after a drive by something pushed me to go for it. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, it felt like a boarding house, but I had clarity - just buy it!

After I had it under contract, I stood on the front steps one day and could see cyclists on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and thought that’s it!! I’ll open a bicycle friendly inn - The Swamp Rabbit Inn.

That is the beginning of my story and the turning point of my life. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and get inspired! Big life changes can be wonderful opportunities to explore what lies ahead on your path and what you’re made of! It’s about the journey.


Wendy Lynam in front of the first Swamp Rabbit Inn in Greenville, SC

Wendy Lynam in front of the first Swamp Rabbit Inn in Greenville, SC